What We Do

Million News Media (Pvt) Ltd., owns a portfolio of financial websites partnered with Google News and Bing News, including Stocks Telegraph (stockstelegraph.com) and a YouTube channel.

Million News media has developed a unique summarization tool for the financial writers and is in the advanced stages of developing a scoring system and smart screener for the retail investors.

Our Morning Newsletter is steadily establishing itself as an investors favorite with a constantly growing subscribers’ base. We are also working on an automated tool that will generate earnings insights within the minutes of official earnings release.

 Stocks Telegraph

Stockstelegraph.com comprises a dynamic team of financial market wizards with over ten years of experience covering US stock markets.

We aim to cover a wide range of stocks, asset classes, and investment strategies with a primary emphasis on what we perceive to be hidden gems scattered across the financial markets. Our articles integrate both top-down and bottom-up research methodologies, drawing upon detailed company-specific financials and macroeconomic analysis.

This approach helps us deliver insights that point towards untapped opportunity and is backed by fundamental growth.

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YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel (Stocks Telegraph) aims to provide investors and Wall Street key players with educational and informative video content. We strive to provide not only accurate but timely information to help stock traders reach their investing goals.

We constantly collect information from the most reliable sources possible to create these videos that simplify the lives of investors. Stocks Telegraph covers the trending stocks of the day, along with the crypto market, so investors can start the day on the right foot.

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Investors can get the inside scoop on hot stocks through our Morning Newsletter!
Investors can make smart decisions with faster news and information before markets open. They get all the pre-market stock information of where the US market direction is and which stocks are making exceptional gains. They are the first to know about recent insider transactions, top analyst upgrades and downgrades, and what key earnings are coming.

We are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain an edge. The stocks featured in this newsletter aren’t just chosen based on one person’s opinion. Instead, we use advanced tools to monitor different signals and data points, including everything from fundamental and quantitative analysis to earnings news and social media sentiment

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